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Best Eye Surgeon in kharadi Pune. Eye Doctor In kharadi. Global Leadership in the eye care domain”, KK Hospital strives to live up to the expectations of its patients. The patient is the most important asset of our hospital and at the heart of all our efforts to promote or restore eye health. We hold our core values – teamwork, respect, integrity and compassion very close to our heart and strive to maximize patient satisfaction.Eye Doctor In kharadi Eye Doctor In kharadi We delight our patients through continuous quality improvement and upgrading our knowledge, skills and implementation of Quality Management Systems. Quality is thus everyone’s responsibility and commitment.Eye Doctor In kharadi Evaluating the patient feedback has provided us with an appreciation of how important it is to see our hospital from a patient’s perspective this ensures patient empowerment. We also welcome patient referral and active interaction with our colleagues and other institutions.Eye Doctor In kharadi
Best eye doctor. Diabetic retinopathy It is damage to the retinacaused by complications of diabetes, which can eventually lead to blindness. Any person with diabetes can potentially develop diabetic retinopathy, irrespective of the type of diabetes. Most common factors deciding incidence Duration of diabetes : long standing diabetic patient have high incidence of retinopathy Control of sugars: those with poorly controlled sugars have more incidence of retinopathy Associated diseases: hypertenstion, IHD, other vascular diseases worsen retinopathy Treatment modality Argon laser Injection of anti VGEF-anti vascular endothelial growth factor / steroid in jelly- vitreous Surgery Choice of treatment is guided by Stage of retinopathy. Key note: Blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy can be avoided by regular checkup and timely treatment.
Cataract surgery with tecnis symfony IOL helps to restore near and distant vision yet glare is less so night driving is possible. Definitely helps young cataract patients
New pearl of treatment. K K Hospital is updated to treat piles patient with lasers.
In patients interest K K Hospital Dr Seema Khaire. Phaco surgeon, multi focal IOL center Dr Nitesh Khaire Laser piles surgeon
To enjoy all colours of navratri and life it is important to have good eye sight. Do consult eye surgeon in K K Hospital. In K K Hospital premium intraocular lenses like Multifocal, toric Multifocal are implanted. Non stitch, no injection, no patch phaco surgeries performed. Glaucoma treatment given. Retina surgery and laser available. Coloured contact lenses available. Squint surgeries done. Few thousands of happy and well treated patients over last 12 years of establishment.
Best eye surgeon . The human eye is constructed in much the same way as a camera, with the lens to focus the light onto the retina, which is the equivalent of the film. The retina then transmits the focused image to the brain via the optic nerve.When glasses can no longer help sufficiently and when the patient has significant problem with his/her vision while reading/driving/watching television, the only effective treatment is to remove the cataract and to replace it with a plastic lens The power of the lens to be implanted is assessed before the operation. Cataract surgery can be done in two ways. 1-The stitch less one-Phacoemulsification. Here the cut made is 2.5 mm and is self sealing. The cataract is broken into small pieces using ultrasound energy and sucked out. The artificial lens implant is then folded and inserted through the same small cut-it opens once inside and is rotated into its position 2-The conventional older one with stitches (Extra capsular Lens Extraction). Here a 10mm cut is made and the entire cataract is removed as a single piece. An artificial lens is implanted in its place and the cut is closed with sutures. This is almost never done nowadays. The advantages of phacoemulsification are that the wound is very small and heals quickly-thus recovery of vision is faster (1week on an average) and the restrictions after surgery are minimal. However it is not suitable for all types of cataract and the final decision as to the type of surgery best suited to your cataract should be taken after discussion with your doctor.Best eye surgeon .
Best eye doctor . Oculoplasty deals with the plastic surgery around the eye: droopy eyelids, eyelid bags, puffy eyelids, disfigured eyes and beautification of the face. Watering eyes, involuntary spasm of the eyelids and face are all conditions treated by an oculoplasty specialist. A number of patients are seen in the Oculoplasty clinic daily with a variety of eyelid disorders including malpositions (Ptosis, entropion, ectropion), benign and malignant eyelid tumors, facial dystonias etc. Surgical corrections for ptosis, entropion, ectropion, eyelid reconstructions post tumor removal as well as number of cosmetic eyelid surgeries (e.g. Blepharoplasty) and injection of botulinum toxin (Botox) for facial dystonias and cosmetic indications are performed.
LASER PILES SURGERY NO CUT, NO ANAESTHESIA, DAY CARE SURGERY. Its a part of minimum invasive proctology practice. Patient can go home on the same day. No cut is taken, No anaesthesia required. Latest technique. LASER PILES SURGERY